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We offer hands-on activities and tours that are perfect for classrooms, homeschool outings, and events like family reunions.

Each are adjusted for the intended audience. They may be offered individually or combined into half-day or full-day experiences. Some can be offered remotely.

Pricing begins at $100 per hour and may be discounted for multiple programs.

Our Museum Educator, Jenna Peterson-Magnuski, is currently on a leave of absence. Contact the office to request more information by calling 401-635-4035, or by emailing

Videos to Supplement Your Lessons
Downloadable Primary Documents & Books
Pre-Scheduled Public Programs and Events

YouTube Tours

Many of our tours are available on our YouTube Channel.  

Click Here for Two Minute Tours of the Wilbor House and historic sites throughout town.
Click Here for a tour of our Everyone Was a Farmer exhibit.
Click Here for a tour of our Women’s History exhibit.

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