Inspired Craft

Juried Special Exhibition
July – October 2023

An Invitation to Participate

The Little Compton Historical Society invites craftmakers with ties to the local area to create new works inspired by history. A curated collection of historic items, each with a Little Compton story to tell, will serve as the inspiration for new works that creatively tell their own Little Compton stories.

Beginning October 6th craftmakers will be able to view approximately 30 curated works of craft from the collection of the Little Compton Historical Society. They may choose one or more of these historic crafts to serve as their inspiration for a new handmade craft of their own creation. Craftmakers are encouraged to find inspiration in even the smallest detail, to think creatively, and to blur the line between art and craft.


  • All varieties of handmade craft will be considered. Including but not limited to: Glassblowing – Metalworking – Woodworking – Weaving – Knitting – Crochet – Stitchery – Quilting – Leatherworking – Rug Making – Jewelry Making – Basketry – Pottery – Toymaking – Toolmaking
  • Participating craftmakers may deliver their new works to the Historical Society in May of 2023.
  • Craftmakers will submit a brief bio.
  • Craftmakers will write a 150-word story for their piece that tells its unique Little Compton story. LCHS Executive Director Marjory O’Toole is available to assist you with your story if you would like.
  • All submissions will be reviewed without the maker’s name by a three-person jury in early June.
  • It is our goal to accept as many works from as many makers, at varying levels of experience, as possible.
  • Accepted works will be displayed in the Inspired Craft exhibition from July to October 2023. Any unaccepted works must be picked up by June 9.
  • Participating craftspeople may choose whether or not to offer their craft for sale and will determine the sales price. If the item sells, the craftmaker will receive 80% of the sales price, and the Historical Society will retain 20% of the sales price. Sold items must remain in the exhibit until the close of the exhibition.
  • Works to be displayed indoors must measure no more than 3 feet in any direction. It may be possible to fold a larger item into the required size.
  • Works to be displayed outdoors are welcome and may be any size.
  • Craftmakers must provide a way to safely hang or otherwise display their work.
  • Craftmakers may submit up to three items.
  • Craftmakers with an item accepted into the exhibition will be our guests at the June 30, Exhibit Preview Party.

Please join us for an informational meeting and an initial viewing of inspirational crafts from our collection on October 6, at 7 PM. Pre-registration requested at Anyone unable to attend this meeting is asked to contact Marjory O’Toole at or 401-635-4035 to schedule a visit at another time. The historic crafts will remain available for viewing (repeat visits are fine) by appointment through April 20, 2023.

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