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There are 5 ways that you can support our ongoing work. They are:

1. Becoming a member.

You can join or renew through our store. You can also fill out this form to pay offline.

2. Giving a one-time gift to the museum. You can give through the donate button below, or you can send a check to PO Box 577, Little Compton, RI 02837.

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3. Purchasing items from our museum store.

You can browse online or in-person during our office hours. A preview of our best-selling items are below.

4. Share Your Stories

You make Little Compton history every day. Tell us your stories to add to our archives.

Periodically, we’ll send out requests for particular types of stories or information and invite you to submit them here, but you should feel free to write about any local topic at any time. 

You can type your story in the text box below. If you prefer, you can write it in a word processor and attach it instead.

By submitting this form, you consent to your entry being added to our permanent archive and give us permission to edit it and use it now and in the future, in whole or in part, in any of our work, including but not limited to: historical research, exhibits, news releases, social media publications, digital or print publications and collaborations.

5. Volunteering!

We have many annual events that can only happen through generous gifts of time. Even during the pandemic, as long as we are open to visitors, we have outdoor and socially distanced volunteer opportunities for just a couple hours. Send a message using the form below, or email to find out more. Include any preferences or limitations you have in the message, i.e. “I’d like to welcome visitors” or “I can’t stand for long periods of time.” That will help us find the best opportunity for you.

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