Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson

Margaret “Margy” Johnson. Courtesy of Nick Kelley.

Margy the Cook

I looked forward to seeing my grandparents each summer and thought their small house on the Point was the most wonderful place in the world. In the beginning Granddad, Aunt Florie, Uncle David and Uncle Gus would be there on weekends, and Grandmother would often have relatives up from Texas staying with her – I remember her sister Rena and her niece Mary Green, another talented artist, among others. More people just dropped in to see her, her niece Jessie Lloyd O’Connor was a regular. Add to this list sisters Margaret and Mary Johnson and their nephew Joe Beaton, all from Nova Scotia, who lived and worked cooking, cleaning, and doing odd jobs and errands at the house on East 16th Street and would come to Rhode Island with my grandparents every summer, and it’s a wonder looking back that everyone was able to fit inside the house on the Point with, it seemed at the time, plenty of room to spare.

Margy Johnson, possibly with her sister Mary. Courtesy of Nick Kelley.

Nick Kelley

April 2020

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