Jessie Lloyd O’Connor

Jessie Lloyd O’Connor

1904 – 1989

It was during these winters living at Warren’s Pt. that I met Jessie O’Connor who lived at the very tip of Warrens Pt with her husband Harvey.   Jessie soon discovered Steve and I sang, and played guitar, and invited us on Sunday afternoons to their house for singalongs. We brought the guitar and our voices, and Jessie played her beautiful violin fiddle, warming apple juice for “hot cider” as we sang together along with Ida and Bob Johnson (no relation), sharing stories as well as songs. She told of Joan Baez visiting them, and Pete Seeger who was a regular guest and old friend.

Jessie also wanted to do the Line Dancing that winter at the Wilbur School, and I picked her up in the car, and drove us both to the weekly event. Mind you, I was around 30, and I suspect Jessie may have been in her late 70s early 80s at this time, which was pretty impressive to be line dancing! She wore her soft soled shoes, as she gave it her all, and was an inspiration to everyone around her.  A few winters later, around 1982, we had a Christmas Pot luck supper, and Jessie came with her violin. One of the loveliest times I remember, Jessie played the sweet Christmas melodies above our singing voices so beautifully. Her failing eyesight didn’t hinder her lovely notes either.  Jessie’s gift of music that year was so radiant and memorable, as was her special friendship!

An Excerpt from Claire Johnson‘s History Through Women She Has Known

April 22, 2020

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