2017 Special Exhibition Little Compton’s 20th-Century Artists

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Exhibit Preview Party          Friday, June 30           6-8 pm

Family Day Celebration       Saturday, July 1         1-4 pm

We Need Your Help!

Almost 30 volunteers have been working for months researching the lives and work of Little Compton’s 20th-century artists. Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve complied a list of over 30 professional artists and talented Sunday Painters  to be included in this season’s special exhibition. Though we can only display a few pieces from each artist, we are creating an archive for each participant and would like to have digital images of as many pieces of their work as possible. If you own a piece by one of these artists, please send a photograph of it to lchistory@littlecompton.org and please indicate whether or not it is available for loan this season.

The Exhibit Committee is making decisions on which pieces will hang in the exhibit throughout April.

We are especially in need of artwork by C. Gordon Harris, Lloyd Goodrich, Edwin Blashfield, Eric Denard, Gus Kelley, Hazard Durfee and Tom Sullivan, but photos of artwork from any of the artists will help improve our archival collection.

Artists must have a strong connection to Little Compton, must have done a significant body of work in the 20th century, and must be deceased.

The painting above is by David Aldrich and is in a private collection.

List of Artists

David Aldrich

Doris Beattie

Edwin Blashfield

Jane Carrott Boardman

Deborah Bodington

Sydney Burleigh

Bryson Burroughs

Eleanor “Nunnie” Atwater Byers

Eric Denard

Hazard Durfee

Bill Ferguson –

Jennie Furbish

Lloyd Goodrich

C. Gordon Harris

Hope Hudner

Blackmer Humphrey

Ann Jewell

Augusta Kelley

Gus Kelley

Richard Kinnicutt

Molly Luce

Fred Dana Marsh

Reginald Marsh

Virginia Moore

Audrey Buller Parsons

Lloyd Parsons

Mary E. Post

Katherine Schmidt Shubert

Elsie Straight

Tom Sullivan

Brooks Wall

Lois Wilcox

Susan Wise Walker

Betts Burroughs Woodhouse

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