Vivian Amos Belko

Vivian Amos Belko

1916 – 2005

Adamsville Historical Association

Betty [Moriarty] spearheaded the lamp project when she owned Manchester’s. Vivian and John Belko were new to the village and lived down on the Harbor Road. Both were very interested in restoration and history. Vivian originated the book on Adamsville families and Betty put together the idea of the lamps.  There were fund raisers and people donated lamps in memory of loved ones. It was a big project because there were many lamps installed. I don’t remember how much money was raised but the project was completed. The Belkos did much of the book, but Betty was the lamp lady. The Association was a non-profit organization and everyone involved worked tirelessly to see it to completion.

Based on an oral history interview with Nancy Arruda Oliveira.

First published in “Remembering Adamsville” by the Little Compton Historical Society, 2013.

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