Susan Fennessey Tullson

Susan Fennessey Tullson

Born 1969

Susan Tullson. Courtesy of Deirdre Tullson.

This famous woman that lives in Little Compton is a mother, English teacher, basketball coach, and a CCD teacher, but I call her mom. Susan Tullson was born in 1969, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She likes to say that she is so lovable because her birthday is on Valentines Day. Her parents are Francess and Thomas Fennessey. She moved to Little Compton when she was four, and has remained here ever since.

Susan is the oldest of seven children: Tom, Dan, Brendan, Ed, Shane, and Caitlin. When she grew up, she was always playing outdoors with her siblings. She liked riding her bike to the Brownell Library, and sometimes made the trip twice! Susan also liked playing basketball, softball, soccer, and dancing, with family and friends. In fact, she danced for ten years with my same dance instructor today! Her fondest childhood memories were playing Manhunt, Kick the Can, and going to the beach.

Susan’s family comes from County Cork, Ireland. Both sets of her grandparents sailed here. Many of her family members are musical. They enjoy singing, dancing and performing. This might be why she named all her own children with Irish names. For example, my name is Deirdre, which is Irish for a queen.

My mother went to Wilbur McMahon and St. Philomena’s for grade school, and later she traveled all the way up to East Providence to attend St. Mary’s Academy Bayview. She developed a love for debating as well as a love for her English classes. She played basketball for four years, she ran track as well, and performed in many Cabaret shows.

Later, she attended Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland where she majored in English and teaching. Eventually, she came back to Rhode Island where she went to Providence College for her teacher certification. Then, she earned her Master’s degree from Rhode Island College.

Susan began her teaching career at Riverside Middle School in 1991, and later taught at Martin Middle School. Susan enjoyed many years teaching English and then moved to Dartmouth Middle School in Massachusetts, where she presently teaches in a English Lab setting. Susan also runs the school’s talent show and is the coordinator and coach for the PBIS team at her school.

My mom met my dad, Christopher Tullson, at South Shore Beach in Little Compton. RI, while they were lifeguarding. She has six children whose names are Sean, Colin, Neal, Evan, Maeve, and Deirdre Tullson. She also has nine nieces, and one nephew, with one niece or nephew on the way. She enjoys going to the beach in the summer with everyone! She also likes going to all of her children’s basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball games. Her husband and kids are the best things that have ever happened to her!

Susan always jokes that someday her goal is to get on her favorite show called Shark Tank. She has many ideas for inventions and just knows that her next idea will be the one! If you need to find her she will either be on the beach or teaching a class!

Based on an interview with Susan Tullson, April 2020.

Written by: Dierdre Tullson, Grade 5 -Wilbur & McMahon School

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