Sue Clark Stowell

Sue Clark Stowell

1912 – 1993

We were soon in our car, following Janice to Sue and Ev Stowell’s house, where Sue stood outside waiting, in her shorts, and comfy blue polo shirt, with her two beloved dogs, Dawn, a sweet German Shepherd, and Dusky, a happy frisky Golden Retriever romping on either side of her. The Farmhouse sat just across the big lawn on the Stowell’s amazing property, and Sue and Ev (Henry) and Dawn and Dusky would become our very first friends in Little Compton.

Sue introduced us to everyone in town, and invited us to the United Congregational Church, which we attended, and later joined.  In fact, before long, we were singing in the Choir, and not long after that I became the Organist and Jr. Choir Director there for another 15 years.  Sue had been in the midst of publishing the Church cook book about this time, and she was also was a gifted knitter, and created beautiful hats.  Dawn and Dusky soon became our companions, accompanying us on our countless walks on the beach at Warren’s Pt. those two years. Had it not been for Sue’s friendship and welcome to the church, I probably would not have become the Organist at the United Congregational Church nor found my long-standing love of the church over these past 42 years!

An Excerpt from Claire Johnson‘s History Through Women She Has Known

April 22, 2020

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