Sandra Marie Giguere Waite

Sandra Marie Giguere Waite

Born 1947

Sandra Waite. Courtesy of Sophia Waite.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of people who live, or have lived, in Little Compton, Sandra Waite stands out the most to me. She is the most courageous, strong, and hopeful woman I have met. Sandra Waite is my grandmother. She was born in 1947. Sandra Marie Giguere was the 6th oldest of her, at the time, six siblings. Later on, three more of her siblings were born. You might wonder, why is Sandra so important? Well, before I answer that let’s walk through her life. Sandra grew up in a very large, happy family.  She grew up in Little Compton, and went to Josephine F.  Wilbur School for elementary and high school. At the time, Josephine F. Wilbur school featured elementary and high school. Now, it’s Wilbur & McMahon School, and only features grades Pre-k to Eighth grade.

Sandra states that life was hard when she was a kid, but her family was happy, and they worked hard. In high school, Sandra met Stephen Waite. Sandra didn’t know that this man would be the one she would marry in years to come.

Sandra got a job once she graduated, and in February of 1971, Sandra married Stephen Waite, becoming Sandra Waite. They had two kids, Stephen Waite, named after his father, and Melissa Waite. Both of her children grew up in Little Compton with her, and spent most of their lives in a beautiful house on West Main Road.

Sandra went through a lot, growing up was tough, yet fun. Sometimes life can be tough, but Sandra made sure that no matter what happened, she and her family were happy. Life had many bad turns for Sandra, like when her parents passed away, but, she has been there for me, her kids, and everybody she has come to know and love. Her and her husband lived happily ever after, and continued to be great people.  Her daughter went on to marry, but eventually divorced. Now, coming in August, she is marrying Aaron, who is really nice. Sandra’s son on the other hand, had me. Him and my mom split up years later, and he was still the best dad I could ask for. Thanks Dad, and thank you Gaga, for never giving up on life, and for never giving up on me.

Based off of an interview of Sandra Waite, Stephen Waite, Melissa Christ, and Stephen Waite, Jr, April 2020.

Written by: Sophia Waite, Grade 5 – Wilbur & McMahon School

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