Rebecca Reid Pattison

Rebecca Reid Pattison

Born 1973

Rebecca Pattison at her high school graduation. Courtesy of Meaghan Pattison.

My mom, Rebecca Pattison, is an amazing woman. She was born in Fortsill, Oklahoma in January of 1973. Her parents are Christine Reid and William Reid. Rebecca has one sister, her name is Erin (Reid) Wordell. She has two nieces, their names are Caitlyn and Kiley that also live in Little Compton.          

Rebecca’s childhood was good. She was a daughter of an Army father, which means she moved to many places until she was 16. She was born in Oklahoma in 1973, then moved to Germany in 1974, Maryland in 1976, Pennsylvania in 1979, Maine in 1981, California in 1983, Jordan in 1984, Spain in 1985, Georgia in 1987, and then she moved to Rhode Island in 1988. Her favorite place to live was in Jordan, because of the culture and meeting new people.  She told me that she has probably been to more places, but she doesn’t remember everywhere she went when she was younger.

When she was younger she wanted to be an Army officer, or a flight attendant. She wanted to be an Army officer because her father was in the Army and she wanted to be like her father.  She wanted to be a flight attendant because she has been on planes her whole life and she thought it was cool so she wanted to be one. She tried to be a flight attendant but she was too short.

Rebecca went to elementary school and middle school in so many states and countries that she can’t remember all the schools, and she forgot most of the names. Rebecca went to high school at Middletown High School. She went to college for one year at Notre Dame College. She wanted to go for longer but she couldn’t.

Rebecca’s biggest influence is her mom, Christine Reid, because after her father died she was a single strong independent woman.  Rebecca has a husband named Eugene Pattison Jr., but people call him Bob Pattison. They met through her best friend. My dad was actually her best friend’s brother. Rebecca and Bob have two kids, (two girls) and their names are Morgan and Meaghan (me). She always wanted two kids.

My mom works as a phlebotomist. This job was not her dream job but she likes it, and she still has the job now. The reason why Rebecca stays a phlebotomist is because it’s important to the health care system. And she likes to help people.

Rebecca likes to do lots of fun things in her free time such as going to the beach, doing arts and crafts with her kids, and taking long walks with her dogs. Her hobbies are gardening, knitting, playing soccer outside with her kids, and painting. She told me that the best thing that has ever happened to her is getting married and having kids. The worst thing that has happened to her is that her father passed away at a young age, at only 15 years old. The thing that she wants to accomplish in her life that she has not done yet is she wants to revisit everywhere she has been in her life.

Rebecca Pattison is a loving, caring, and intelligent woman. This is the story of my mom’s life.

Based on an interview with my mom, Rebecca Pattison, April 2020

Written by: Meaghan Pattison, Grade 5 – Wilbur & McMahon School

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