Nancy Wilder

Nancy Wilder

1919 – 2009

Nancy Wilder, from her obituary.

Nancy Wilder of Taylor’s Lane South and Cambridge, MA was known at Sakonnet as the best “rod and reel” fishing woman of the 50s and 60s. Nancy was always catching a striped bass or a blue fish, but her biggest idea and wish was to hook a swordfish. If there was a boat leaving Sakonnet Harbor to go fishing, there was a good chance Nancy would be on board.

As was known by all, the Fishermen’s Ball was the biggest evening at Sakonnet in the summer, attended by many people. On one of those days Nancy was out fishing with Bud Phillips on the Surfmaster off Warren’s Point when Nancy hooked and boarded a 43 pound striped bass. The Surfmaster headed back to the dock and Nancy with her 43 pound bvass rushed into the Fishermen’s Ball at the Fo’c’s’le and won first prize with the largest fish.

Nancy had many more years of great fishing and did land a 54 pound striper in a later year of fishing.

Nancy was active and a trustee in the Boston Children’s Hospital for many years and was made an “Honorary Lifetime Trustee.”

Nancy passed away in 2009 and leaves many family members here in Little Compton.

Walter and Norma Elwell


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