Melissa Northrup Medeiros

Melissa Northrup Medeiros

Born 1977

Melissa Medeiros with her husband Andrew, her twin boys Andrew and Nicholas, and her daughter Lily. Courtesy Andrew Medeiros.

In 1977, on a beautiful April day, in a city called Newport, a woman named Melissa Medeiros was born! Her parents’ names were Sheryle Campbell and Joseph Northrup. She was the oldest of two. When she turned 7, she moved to Portsmouth. Her parents got divorced when she was a teenager. She moved here to Little Compton, Rhode Island in October of 2001. After she moved here, she didn’t move anywhere else.

Her favorite childhood memory was going on vacation to Florida. She loved warm weather and getting away from her house for a while, it was great!

When she was in Hathaway Elementary School, she wanted to be a teacher! She went to Hathaway Middle School too. She went to Portsmouth High School and Roger Williams College!

My dad has been her biggest influence in her life, he has taught her a lot, and so she taught me a lot! According to my mom, the best thing that has ever happened to her was meeting my dad!  My mom met my dad from one of her old roommates. My Mom and Dad have three children, Nicholas, my brother, Lily, my sister, and me (Andrew). My mom’s job is a medical assistant, but it hasn’t always been her job. When she has any spare time, she likes to spend it with Nick, Lily and me. Her dream is to visit Australia. My mom is MOST proud of being a GOOD MOM!

Based on an interview with Melissa Medeiros, April 2020.

Written by: Andrew Medeiros, Grade 5 – Wilbur & McMahon School

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