Mary Elizabeth Sousa Miller

Mary Elizabeth Sousa Miller

Mary Elizabeth Miller. Courtesy of Emma Camara.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Miller is the guidance counselor at Wilbur & McMahon School. All her life, her dream job has been to work at a school, or work with kids.

As Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Miller grew up, she lived in a neighborhood with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. Each year, Mary Elizabeth would go on a long vacation with 5 other friends and their families and all stayed in a huge 18 bedroom chalet, by a lake.

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Miller went to many schools as a child. In Bristol almost every grade had its own school. In kindergarten, Mary Elizabeth went to Oliver School. In first grade, she went to Walley School. In second grade, she went to Byfield School. In third grade, she went to Reynolds School. In sixth grade, she went to Guiteras School. Only two schools she went to for more than 1 year.  They were grades 4, 5 and 7, 8. 

Mary Elizabeth’s parents were Joseph and Ann Sousa. As a child, Mary’s father Joseph Sousa was a school teacher, and once Mary’s school principal. Mary’s father was a big inspiration in her life. She wanted to follow her own dad’s footsteps and work at a school and with kids too. As she grew up, Mary said the best thing that ever happened to her was having her two daughters. Mary Elizabeth’s family was always working hard.

I chose Mary Elizabeth Miller because I thought she might be a big inspiration to somebody, just like her father inspired her to work hard. I also chose to write about Mary Elizabeth Miller because she is helpful to kids, and even other teachers in the Wilbur & McMahon School.

Based on an interview with Mrs. Miller, April 2020

Written by: Emma Camara, Grade 5 – Wilbur & McMahon School

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