Lois Wilbur Sylvia

Lois Wilbur Sylvia

1918 – 1983

Lois Wilbur Sylvia, a little Compton native, was appointed deputy town clerk of Little Compton in 1945. Hers was the one who greeted us when we went into the town clerk’s office, if we wanted a hunting license, marriage license, to record a deed, to get a dog tag, or so many other reasons. The 38 years that Lois helped all of Little Compton residents, it was with a smile and she remembered your name. Lois was a great help to the local organizations and committees when they needed research on town activities.

Lois was a member of the United Congregational Church, LC Historical Society, and LC Womens Republican Club. Townspeople thank Lois for the trust fund she left to help locally.

Walter and Norma Elwell

March 2020

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