Lois Brown Almy

Lois Brown Almy

1917 – 2018

Lois Brown Almy. Courtesy of Marcia Pratt.

Lois was born on May 22, 1917 in Providence, RI to Philip W. and Grace E. Almy. Lois lived on the family farm on West Main Rd her entire life, as the fifth generation to live on the farm. Lois lived there with her two older brothers, Philip Jr. and Charles.

Lois attended Wilbur McMahon School, graduating in 1935. She then went on to Rhode Island College of Education (now RI College) graduating in 1939.

Lois started her teaching career in Tiverton at the Nonquit School. She taught two classes in one room, until 1945. She then started teaching first grade at the Wilbur School in 1945 and taught until her retirement in 1975.

In March of 2008, Lois received Teacher of the Year for her outstanding performance in teaching by the Little Compton Grange no. 32. Lois also received a citation from the Rhode Island House of Representatives for the distinguished honor of her 2008 Teacher of the Year Award.

Lois traveled extensively throughout the world, usually with her brother Philip and his wife Dorothy. I believe the only country they never visited was Australia.

After her retirement, Lois wintered in Coral Gables, FL until the late 1980’s. Lois and her sister-in-law Dot spent their winters making many crocheted and knitted items which they donated to the United Congregational Church’s Annual Fair held every July.

Lois was a member of the United Congregational Church since she was a young child. She, along with Dot would be found in front of the church during the fair hours. She was involved in town activities into her 90’s.

On November 15, 2013, Lois received the Boston Post Cane, given to the oldest resident of Little Compton. This was presented to her by Town Council President Robert Mushen. Lois was the third Almy to receive the cane. Her father Philip W. Almy Sr. received the cane in 1963 and Dorothy T. Almy received the cane in 2005. She had the cane until 2015 when she left her home to live at Sakonnet Bay in Tiverton. Lois resided at Sakonnet Bay until her death on October 23, 2018 at the age of 101½ years old.

Marcia Pratt, Niece

April 2020


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2 thoughts on “Lois Brown Almy

  1. I had the privilege of caring for Lois in her last few years in LC, cooking , cleaning and personal care (along with others). She loved the visits of dogs and friends that stopped in occasionally. Though she didn’t have children of her own, she taught many children and cared about them. She often mentioned a young man from Tiverton that rode his horse up to the window of Nonquit to let his teacher, Lois, know he wasn’t going to school that day….she would mimic his attitude while telling the story, made you smile. Lois was a great lady in my eyes….after all she was my first grade teacher !

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