Krystal Ferreira Todd

Krystal Ferreira Todd

Born 1984

My mom was born in 1984 in Fall River, MA. My mom moved from Fall River to Tiverton when she was young.  My mom’s parents are Kim Ramsey and Paul Ferreira. When she was growing up she had one sister named Kayla Ferreira. Kayla was they youngest and my mom is the oldest.

My mom went to school and spent time with her family and friends. My mom went to Dominican Academy in elementary school. When my mom was young she enjoyed going on family vacations, going to the beach, and camping during the summer. My mom wanted to be a physical therapist when she was young.

My mom went to Tiverton Middle School. She also went to Tiverton High School. Later on, she went to Bristol Community College. My mom met my dad at a friend’s house in Little Compton.

Today, my mom has 4 children and a husband. She had twin boys, me and Connor, a daughter Lauren, and one more son named Alex, and a husband Eric. She works as an office manager at a dental office. My mom likes to clean, exercise, and spend time with family and friends. She is most proud of her family. Today, my mom is 35 years old and is living happily with her family in LC. My mom is awesome and kind. She will do anything to protect her family.

Based on an interview with my mom, Krystal Todd, April 2020.

Written by: Owen Todd, Grade 5, Wilbur & McMahon School

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