Josephine Simmons Manchester

Josephine Simmons Manchester

1873 – 1957

Josephine Taylor Simmons (1873 – 1957) of Little Compton, the daughter of Frank and Harriet Simmons, married Lysander Manchester of Acoaxet, the son of Forbes and Rhoda Manchester, in 1895. Josephine moved into her in-laws’ farmhouse across the street from the Acoaxet Chapel and kept a photo album in the early 1890s showing aspects of her everyday life in the years just prior to her marriage. Josephine dated the album 1891-1893. The labels must have been added after 1895 as they use her married name. Many women at the time had studio portraits taken of themselves, but very few had access to a family camera to capture their candid moments.

Many thanks to her grandson, Richard Manchester for sharing this album with us.

Marjory O’Toole, LCHS Executive Director

March 2020

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