Jodie Harrop Davoll

Jodie Harrop Davoll

Born 1979

My mom is the best person you will ever meet!!   My mom was born in 1979. She was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. My moms parents are Maria Manchester and David Harrop. My mom has one older brother named Jake Harrop. My mom doesn’t know that much stuff about her ancestry.

My mom’s childhood was a great time. These are some of the things she liked to do. She liked to play soccer, and ride her bike. My mom had quite a few animals in her childhood. She had one dog and a lot of cats, and she loved to go to the Newport Creamery. My mom grew up in Fall River and lived in the same house till she was eighteen years old. My mom’s favorite childhood memory was riding her bike and playing with friends. My mom always wanted to be an art teacher growing up. My mom went to elementary in Fall River it was called Spencer Borden, then she went to Morton Middle School. She also went to a high school called Durfee High School, and she went to  college at Katherine Gibbs.

In my mom’s childhood she always depended on someone, that someone was her grandmother because she taught her how to save money and be independent. When my mom was an adult she moved to little Compton and met my dad Keith Davoll. Then a while

Later, after they got married, they had my sister Avery Davoll. A year later, they had me, Austin Davoll. Today, my mom is a graphic designer. My mom loves to go for walks, read, do yoga and garden. She does all of these things as often as she can in her free time.

My mom lost her dad at a very young age. I cannot ever imagine losing my dad at a young age. My mom would love to have a farm with lots of animals, especially goats. My mom loves goats. My mom is very proud that she raised well rounded, and well behaving kids. My mom’s lucky number is 5 just like mine and my mom’s favorite colors are green, teal, purple and burgundy. All in all my mom is a great person, and everyone should want to meet her.

Based on an interview with Jodie Davoll, April 2020.

Written by: Austin Davoll, Grade 5 -Wilbur & McMahon School

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