Janice Turcotte Gomez

Janice Turcotte Gomez

Born 1942

Janice Turcotte Gomez. Courtesy of her family.

While I was Organist/Jr. Choir Director at the United Congregational Church, I often practiced the organ or made visits to the church during the week. One of my joys was meeting Mrs. Janice Gomez, the
wonderful legendary Pre-School teacher who transformed the Vestry of the church into a wonderful fun-filled preschool for Little Compton’s preschoolers. Always with a bright smile on her face, energy galore
and tons of enthusiasm, Mrs. Gomez offered many of LC’s little 4 and 5 year old children a chance to socialize and make friends, learn, have fun, and yet be in the close proximity of town.

One image I always enjoyed was “recess”, when two by two, with a parter, holding hands they crossed the street from the church to the swings behind the Parish House to play outside. Mrs. Gomez with her ever familiar red lipstick would lead the little ones much like a mother duck, as in Make Way for the Ducklings. Their safety was paramount! For many years, her love of these little preschoolers filled the Vestry of the UCC with joy and happiness during those many school days!

Janice Turcotte Gomez in the nursery school. Courtesy of her family.

Claire Johnson

April 2020

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