Emma D. King

Emma D. King

1879 – 1956

Dr. King and his Sister 

Well his sister lived there too, she had an antique store in the barn in the back. Oh boy, some beautiful, beautiful stuff and also in Dr. King’s house. Oh, talk about cut glass, and all kinds of antiques. Tiffany lamps, and all that—huge Tiffany lamp over the table. Oh the whole place, all antiques. Gorgeous.

[Miss King] took a liking to me and used to take me around. I don’t even know where we went, but she’d bring me to her little shop over at the barn, I just used to love to look at all those antiques, and the cut glass and saucers and the plates, oh my God, beautiful, beautiful stuff.

My mother was kind of close with [Dr. King,] she used to go on some calls with him, if he needed a nurse-type of person. And his brother was very friendly with our aunt. I don’t know if you’d call it dating. I guess it was just sort of a [family-type] relationship.

Based on an oral history interview with Leslie Deschene.

First published in “Remembering Adamsville” by the Little Compton Historical Society, 2013.

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