Ellen Bednarczyk

Ellen Bednarczyk

Born 1994

Ellen Bednarczyk. Courtesy of Madison Woolham.

Ms. Bednarczyk is a math teacher at Wilbur McMahon School. She was born in 1994 and she has one older sister. Her mom is Dutch and her dad comes from Poland. She had a great childhood because she grew up in a very small town. She loves animals, swimming, and soccer.

Growing up, she had a lot of friends and had fun with them. She and her family stayed in one place, that was Jamestown, Rhode Island. Her fondest childhood memory is when she was 8 years old.  She wanted a puppy so she begged and begged for one, and when she was in third grade she finally got a puppy and the puppy’s name was Luke. When she grew up,  her dream job was to be a math teacher or a veterinarian.

In her free time she likes to bake desserts, go for jogs and play with her dogs. Her main hobbies are learning how to bake bread, and going for hikes. The best thing that has ever happened to her was when she was in college she did not like math, then she started to like it and wanted to be a math teacher and wanted to teach her students to like it too. She would like to accomplish opening a bakery shop and traveingl to  all 7 continents. She is most proud of being a math teacher and teaching students.  What she likes most about her job is teaching kids how to learn math.

Based on an interview with Ms. Bednarczyk, April 2020.

Written by: Madison Woolham, Grade 5 – Wilbur & McMahon School

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