Damaris “Dicie” Sayre Atwater

Damaris “Dicie” Sayre Atwater

1840 – 1907

Dicie Atwater. Photograph included in her obituary.

Damaris, more commonly known as Dicie, was born in West Virginia, a daughter of the late David Hay Atwater and Eleanor Bartlett Atwater. She had two brothers and two sisters: Sally, Eleanor, Nathaniel B., and David Hay, Jr.

Dicie spent her youth in Tiverton, lived in Providence for several years, and moved to Little Compton permanently in 1949 after having summered there all her life.

Miss Atwater was an Administrative Assistant for Pembroke College in Providence for 15 years. A historian, she then became a tour guide for the Preservation Society at the Newport Mansions.

Based upon her obituary

January 2012

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