Beulah Velma Field Wordell

Beulah Velma Field Wordell

1914 – 1949

Beulah Velma Field Wordell. Courtesy of Caroline Wilkie Wordell.

Beulah Velma Field was born in Little Compton on August 11, 1914, one of the six children of Calvin and Leila Sylvia Field.  (Beulah, Elizabeth, Newell, Virginia, Leo, Leonard).  She was educated in Little Compton schools.

The 1920 federal census, as well as the 1925 state census finds her living with her parents and siblings on West Main Road in Little Compton.  By the 1930 census she was living in Pawtucket with her mother and stepfather (Conrad Beasley) and her siblings, working as a housekeeper. Another step brother was added to the family in 1928, Russell Beasley.

She married Herbert F. Wordell, son of Milton Brownell and Cora May Brownell Wordell on April 19, 1933 in Little Compton.  They had five children (Leila 1932-1996, Elizabeth 1933-2000, Robert 1934-, Donald 1935-1998, and James 1945-2013).

Beulah contracted tuberculosis and was confined to a Rhode Island state sanitorium at Wallum Lake until she passed away in 1949 at the age of 35.

Caroline Wilkie Wordell

April 2020

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