Ann Walker Carr

Ann Walker Carr

Born 1953

Ann Carr and her grandson Caleb Carr. Courtesy of Caleb Carr.

Ann Carr is my Grandma, she is the best grandma! Ann was born in Pawtucket, RI on 1953. Ann is one of four children, her parents were Robert and Agnes Walker. Ann grew up in Indian Rock Acres in Little Compton, RI. Ann would spend almost all of her summers as a child  at South Shore Beach, swimming and beach combing and having picnics in Wilbour Woods. While Ann did go to elementary school in Pawtucket, she spent most of her time in Little Compton.

Ann’s family came over from Scotland in 1902. They came through Ellis Island and first settled in Maine.They moved to Pawtucket several years later. When her parents married, they bought land in 1937. They built their home themselves after work and on weekends. After their house was built, their family continued to grow and they decided to build another house next door. It took many years to complete the new brick house. Ann even helped lay some of the bricks, when she was just ten years old.

Ann loved her childhood, and she was very close to her family. Along with her mom, dad, and brothers she also lived with her grandma and her aunts and uncles were always nearby. When Ann was twelve years old she babysat for families within walking distance of her home on Indian Road. When she was fourteen she worked at the Millstone Restaurant in town. She then worked at the Fo’c’sle at Sakonnet Point. After that she worked at the Carriage House Theater.

As time went by, Ann met the love of her life, Gerald Carr, and married him. They began their own family and had four kids, three boys and a girl. Ann’s biggest influence was her mom because she was always happy and family was most important to her.

Ann has worked in human services for thirty years, helping individuals with special needs, and she really loves her job. Ann likes to knit, mow the lawn, and spend lots of time with me, her grandson! The best things that ever happened to her are her husband, kids, and grandkids. Someday Ann would like to visit Scotland to see where her family came from. Ann loves Little Compton and all the people in it. She is the most awesome grandma ever.

Based on an interview with my grandmother, Anne Carr

Written by: Caleb Carr, Grade 5 – Wilbur & McMahon School

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