Painted Rooms of Rhode Island: Colonial and Federal


Hardcover. From author Ann Eckert Brown’s website:

A fascinating study of interior painted decoration during Americas first two centuries, as seen through the microcosm of Rhode Island painted rooms. Examined are the locations of painted houses; early settlers who built houses and commissioned the decoration; the artists, many itinerant, who painted the room interiors, and of course the numerous and amazing techniques used by them, such as tromp l’oeil fine wood and stone finishes, gold leaf highlighted finely carved woodwork, and an imitation oriental lacquer finish known as “architectural Japanning” to name just a few, written by author with hands on experience as a practitioner and instructor of 18th and 19th century painting techniques. Book is a must for decorative arts historians, early American paint devotees, restoration/preservation professionals, antique house owners, and Rhode Island history buffs, alike. With insightful foreword by C. Morgan Grefe, PhD, executive director of the RI Historical Society.

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