Thank you to the local foundations and hundreds of community members who have donated to this project!

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Additional Sponsors

Jeanne Adams & Bob Frank
Peter & Widgie Aldrich
Jack & Lea Angell
In memory of my ancestors, who were among the founders of Little Compton by Dr. Carol Bertram
Marisa Bartolucci
In memory of Jeanne Louise Kress Bond by Andrea Bond & Stanley Stowers
Fred & Helen Bridge
Bonnie & Douglas Brout
Greta Brown
Stewart Burchard
In honor of Manuel P. Camara by Barbara E. Passmore & Carolyn J. Montgomery
Ben & Leigh Carpenter
The Cleaver Family
William & Maria Comery
Elizabeth Coxe & David Forney
Ken & Lorrie DeAngelis
In honor of Carol Duby by Carolyn Duby & David Swift
Mrs. Hiram W. Emery
Peter Erichsen & David Palumb
In honor of the Fagundes Family by the family of the late Manuel S. Fagundes, Jr.
In honor of all farmers. They feed us.
David & Bonnie French
In honor of Michael Giguere by Janie Lemos
In memory of Lawre Goodnow by Treaty Rock Farm
In honor of Joseph & George Goulart of Franlart Farm
In memory of Frances Hatch by Peggy Wood
Sally Havens
Kathryn L. Hoenig & Douglass Maynard
In memory of Elizabeth & Dunton Howe by Ted & Kathy Truscott
Barbara & Harry Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C. Ingraham
Warren & Janet Jagger
Linda & William Jenkins
Dryden & Wendy Jones
In memory of Mary G. Kivlehan, Manuel & Quiteria Gomes, & Joseph & Irene De Almo by Barbara & Graham Glover, Anne & Michael Hill, Roger & Dorothy Wilkie & the Catherine Snell Family
Albert & Cindy Lees
Edward Levine & Isabella Porter
In memory of Pauline Maier, Little Compton gardener, 1991-2013, by Charles Maier
Mary & Robert Marra
Kris & John Montgomery
Libby & Raoul Moore
John & Peter Morrissey
Lease Plimpton
Leslie & David Puth
In memory of Abraham Quick by Lucy O’Connor
Joseph Rocha
In memory of Lewis & Virginia Rogers by Gardner & Pamela Rogers
In honor of Little Compton’s original inhabitants, the Sakonnet People
In memory of Philip and Esther Simonds, the first farmers I knew by Edith Simonds Borden
Whitney Simonds
In honor of Small World Farm
The Solstice Trust
Sandra & John Sparks
Heather & Mike Steers
Mary & Paul Suttell
In memory of John & Amelia Sylvia & family, Yellow Gate Farm, West Main Road, Dairy Farmers, by Tracey Macksoud Moline
Karen & Jim Tung
Paul van Zuiden
Helen Richmond Webb
In memory of my Wilbur ancestors by William Wilbur
Carter Wilkie
In honor of Wishing Stone Farm by Don and Amy Givler
Helen & Hilary Woodhouse
Sonja Yates

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