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LCHS to Present at Catboat Association Meeting

LCHS to Present at Catboat Association Meeting

The CatboatDSC03497 Association has invited LCHS President Dora Atwater Millikin and Director Marjory O’Toole to share the history of Peggotty at the Association’s 53rd Annual Meeting in Mystic, Connecticut this weekend, March 6-8, 2015.

The Catboat Association calls Peggotty “the oldest catboat in captivity” dating it to approximately 1850. Marjory will discuss its original use as a fishing boat and ferry boat in the Sakonnet River, itsDSC03515 transformation into Sydney Burleigh’s artist studio in 1906, its journey to the Historical Society in 1962, and the conservation and preservation efforts the Historical Society has undertaken since then.

Most recently LCHS has committed to a $90,000 preservation and conservation project to provide Peggotty with a more supportive boat cradle, a beautiful new display building, and a new more prominent location on the Historical Society grounds.

This summer PegIMG_0258 (1)gotty moved into its new building using a system of planks and rollers that would have made the ancient Egyptians proud. This winter it is tucked safely behind its brand new Category 5 Hurricane Screens.

The screens will come down as soon as the winter snows finally melt away, and Master Shipwright Hermann Hinrichsen will continue his careful restoration of Peggotty’s hull.

We are now just $27,000 away from our fundraising goal and welcome gifts of all sizes to help SAVE PEGGOTTY.

DIY (Do It Yourself!) House History Workshop

DIY (Do It Yourself!) House History Workshop

Irish by Burleigh co Jack Nelson (2)

With Nationally-Known House Historian Marian Pierre-Louis

Friday, November 14, 9 AM-Noon

LCHS Members $75, Non-Members $100  (Participants who share a completed Little Compton House history with the Little Compton Historical Society by February 28, 2015 will receive a $50 refund.)

You can uncover the history of your house whether it is 20 or 200 years old.  Come learn the research tools and tricks you need to make the most out of your house history with the help of Marian Pierre-Louis a house historian, lecturer and writer who specializes in researching the history of New England houses.  Your house is much more than wood and nails.  It stands as a memorial to every resident before you.  Discover the histories of the people who once lived there. Find the old deeds to your house, learn how to chain a deed, and locate other sources of information such as probate records and the US Federal Census Records.

This workshop begins at the Wilbor House Museum (548 West Main Road) and will move to the Town Vault on the Commons part-way through. Marian has customized this workshop to provide information specific to research within Little Compton and participants will have the opportunity to actually begin work on the property of their choice.

To register call 401-635-4035 or e-mail lchistory@littlecompton.org.


Marian Pierre-Louis speaks frequently at libraries, societies and conferences throughout New England on house history and genealogical topics.  She is the author of the popular blog, the New England House Historian (NEHouseHistorian.blogspot.com). Marian is also the host of Fieldstone Common, a weekly radio show dedicated to New England history.  You can learn more about Maian and he work at http://www.FieldstoneHistoricalResearch.com.

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