Stories Houses Tell: A Collection of Little Compton House Histories (2017)


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This collection of house histories features the most interesting stories connected to nine fascinating historic properties in Little Compton, Rhode Island. The houses date from 1690 to 1955 and include seventeenth- and eighteenth_century homes as well as re-purposed Word War II barracks and a one-room school house. The Wilbor House Museum, Number 4 Schoolhouse, The Albert Seabury House, The Lunt House, Seaconnet House, Marsh House, The Huntoon House (aka The James Irving Bailey Farm), The Strobell Goodrich Cottage and the Head House at Goosewing Beach are all featured in this collection. The book uses scholarly research to unveil the lives of not only the male homeowners but also the women, children, and servants who lived and worked in these homes, and presents their stories in an engaging easy to read style. Family names include Coe, Warren, Pabodie, Bailey, Wilbour, Head, Sisson, Truesdale, Philippi, Huntoon, Lloyd, Strobell, Goodrich, Lunt, Storer, Dunn, Richmond, Brown, Seabury, Crandon and Howland. The book’s afterward was written by one of the country’s authorities on house histories, Marian Pierre-Louis, and includes detailed, step-by-step directions for researching your own house history.

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