Bridget Williams Morrissey

Bridget Williams Morrissey

1881 – 1971

“Picture is with her and her son Pete, I mean Christopher, in 1918.” Courtesy of Peter Morrissey.

Bridget Williams Morrissey was born in Newfoundland in 1881 to Patience Corbett and John Williams and died in 1971. She married John Morrissey in 1909 in Newfoundland and became an instant stepmom to his son James Morrissey. They moved to Little Compton in 1911 and lived on Pennsylvania Avenue at Sakonnet Point. 

They had four other children Helena in born 1910, John in 1911, Genevieve in 1915 and Christopher (Peter) in 1917.

Her husband John was a lighthouse keeper at the Sakonnet Point in 1917 and while he was out on the lighthouse for a lengthy stay Bridget had their last child. When her husband was finally able to come ashore he found out that she named him “Christopher”. He was not happy and said that the name was too long for such a little baby and he will be called “Pete”.  Pete grew up for his first eighteen years only knowing that his name was Pete until he went for a marriage license and the clerk told him his official name was “Christopher”, he was shocked.

When her husband John was disabled due to illness she became the sole provider for the family of six and took a temporary job at hospital. She would use whatever resources were necessary to provide food for her family. During these hard times she used to make tomato soup for the family by combining ketchup and water and heating it.

During the terrible 1938 hurricane their house was taken off of its foundation from the tidal waves and spun around 180 degrees and was facing the opposite direction when the storm was over.  

She lived through a lot of troubling times and anguish in her life but, made the very best of it for her family.

Peter Morrissey, Grandson 

May 2020

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