Hands-On Activities

On-Line Scavenger Hunt
Search our on-line collection to find some of the most wonderful and weirdest items in our collection.  From Cow Vomit Ropes to Civil War weapons.  Discover the inner workings of a museum collection and learn how to continue your local history investigations at home.
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Museum in a Day
Create a museum on the topic of your choice in just one day.  Create exhibit panels.  Write object labels and develop a tour of your museum for your family and friends.
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Sakonnet Indian—Show and Tell
Learn the history of Little Compton’s Sakonnet Indians using objects from our collection, maps and local legends.
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Dutch Oven Cooking
Cook and enjoy a cornbread snack or a complete meal using outdoor Dutch Oven cookery.
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Simple Machines in Action
Enhance your simple machine curriculum with a one hour hands-on exploration of old-time simple machines.  Ten fun-filled activity stations and a simple worksheet enable students as young as second grade to use and understand gears, pulleys, screws, inclined planes, levers, and wedges.
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America’s First Egyptologist: Charles Edwin Wilbour
Did you know that America’s first Egyptologist was born in Little Compton, RI?  Learn more about his life as a student in a one-room school, an employee of famous gangster Boss Tweed and as a hieroglyphic expert
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Slide show and optional hands-on plaster cartouche activity

A Day at Peaked Top School
Spend an hour or a day as a student in Little Compton’s first one-room school house.  Choose Colonial or Victorian times.  Use reproduction school books and supplies to practice your reading, writing and ‘rithmatic just like your ancestors did.

Old Time Fun and Games: Indoors or Outdoors
Marbles, hoops, stilts, skittles, Wolf and Sheep, Blind Man’s Bluff and American’s vs. English are just a few of the old time fun and games that will transport you back to the days before electronics.
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